SEL & Academics

Social and emotional learning (SEL) is often viewed as being separate from academics and instruction. As a result, leaders and teachers state that they don’t have time to implement SEL.  SEL is in fact not separate from academics or instruction but rather integral and interdependent to teaching and learning.  The week before last I got to attend a Professional Learning series sponsored by the Collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning (CASEL) that focused on SEL and Academic Integration. This experience reinforced how integral SEL is to academics and powerful instruction. 

There are several great resources that highlight the relationship between SEL and Academics:

10 Teaching Practices to Promote SEL: This is a great resource from Nick Yoder at American Institutes for Research that outlines instructional practices that promote SEL.

Integrating Social and Emotional Development in College and Career Readiness Standards: This publication from the Aspen Institute lifts up how Social Emotional Development connects to College & Career Readiness Standards and it name checks the work we are doing in Oakland! 

Embedding SEL in High School Classrooms is an important white paper I had the chance to review that illustrates how to incorporate SEL into instruction at the secondary level. 

When the Common Core State Standards were first rolled out there was a lot of discussion and conversation around how SEL is integral to several Common Core instructional shifts and standards. For example, SEL is deeply embedded in the Common Core Speaking and Listening Standards. The Greater Good published a great article on how to integrate SEL into Common Core. Professor Maurice Elias has also written about SEL & Common Core. Here's a link to an article ASCD published on SEL & Common Core. 

If you'd like to see the integration of SEL into academics in action, in 2015 I produced with an amazing Oakland teacher that illustrates Academic SEL in Practice.