SEL in Secondary

I've had the privilege of leading SEL implementation in Oakland's middle and high schools. A key learning I've had is that while there are a number of research-based strategies and evidence-based programs for implementing SEL in elementary classrooms, there are much fewer  resources and less guidance around how to implement SEL in middle and high school settings. Being a former middle and high school teacher I know that prioritizing SEL can be challenging. Structurally speaking, I had far less interaction and contact time with students compared to my elementary school colleagues. This combined with the pressures of getting through content and preparing students for college and career didn't leave a whole lot of room for SEL instruction. Given the very different context for SEL in middle and high schools it became clear to me that our approach had to really focus on how to support teachers with integrating SEL across academic content and ensure it’s part of their teaching practice. In the past few years there are some key articles and papers that lift up how we can more effectively bring SEL into secondary schools. I'm also including a video I produced with one of Oakland's beloved HS Principals around SEL in Secondary.

Learning by Heart: The Power of SEL in Secondary Schools

Embedding SEL in HS Classrooms

SEL in High Schools: How Three Urban High Schools Engage, Educate and Empower Youth